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We are Emma and Johanna. The passionate and artistic sister duo who are the heart and hands behind This Child of Mine. A haven for exquisite Waldorf doll making patterns, supplies, and enchanting Waldorf crafting essentials. We have been selling doll-making patterns and supplies since 1994. With over 30 years of experience in Waldorf doll making, we bring a rich tapestry of skills and artistry to your crafting journey. Trained in traditional Waldorf techniques, both in Europe and North America, our expertise has been finely woven through each product we offer in our shop. Crafted with love, our offerings embrace the essence of Waldorf traditions, fostering a spirit of care and wonder in every project. With a passion for quality, every item in our shop is meticulously curated to ensure that only the finest natural fibres and eco-conscious materials make it into your hands. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your creations not only stand the test of time but also carry the warmth and spirit of a loving touch.

Visit our enchanted shop where creativity knows no bounds. We invite you to explore our wonderful collection of Waldorf doll making and crafting supplies.

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